Yoga 512

Welcome to Yoga 512! I'm glad you found my website. Here, you will find out all about my diverse yoga teaching for young, old, and in between. My schedule of classes can be found at the "Class Schedule" tab, above, and descriptions of my other classes can be accessed above, as well. I offer classes that are free and for a fee, sessions customized for your particular needs or special focus, and some classes for you and your dog(s)! I hope you will find what you are looking for here, and if not, please contact me, just go to the contact tab above.

Yoga, at it's core, is not just exercise or movement, but a system of exploring and integrating your body and mind. Benefits include:
  • Creating internal conditions that prevent aging and disease
  • Protection of joint structure
  • Maximizing flexibility of joints and extending range of motion by 30% or more
  • Building strength and balance
  • a better understanding of anatomy and muscles, to help prevent injuries
  • Minimize risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Learning to build and tone your body in every day activities
Discover an ancient system of movement which positively impacts:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Digestive issues
  • Arthritis and bone density
  • Stiffness or hyper-mobile joints
  • Depression and anxiety
Types of Classes

Hatha Yoga
Focus is on movement and working through the body system's physical and mental aspects

Chair Yoga

For Elders, sages. or those that are physically challenged

Weight Loss Yoga
Practice techniques and support for any body size and shape

Restorative Yoga
Perfect for folks with injuries that need to recalibrate their pace and practice

Special Focus
Yoga for survivors of sexual and physical abuse, eating disorders, or body dysmorphia. Transform poses which trigger safety issues and learn containment, boundaries, and reprogram the body.

Yoga for Yoga Teachers
Builds community, with opportunities to share.