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I first thought about doing yoga with dogs when I realized mine loved being with me as I did my own yoga practice.  Then when I was in yoga class I found myself thinking: 'This is time I could spend with my dogs!

Dogs bring their unique personalities to the mat. One of my dogs believes she is a yoga teacher, one takes a nap, and one takes in the scene like she is surveying her flock. I find I show up to my practice more relaxed and connected when my dog is with me.  Some participants have been surprised how relaxed their dogs were following practice.  Other dogs seem more playful and engaged after yoga.  Being in that energy seems to have as varied an effect on dogs as it does on humans. It is also a wonderful companion activity for your aging, or injured pets. You can both derive some healing energy from learning to relax and breathe together.
In conjunction with The Canine Center for Training and Behavior, I am offering several class options for "Yoga With Your Dog". (See "class schedule" tab above.)  I have been a long time dog enthusiast and have taken many classes with The Canine Center's trainers over the last decade and I am very familiar with, and supportive of, your dog training efforts during these sessions. * A TCCTB Trainer will attend each class to assist.

Don't forget to watch for the Centers camping trips.  If I am on the trip, I offer free class for you and your dog; their schedule permitting. They camp in Texas across the year and then offer longer summer trips in Colorado. 

* No previous yoga experience is needed, as this is a beginner friendly, all level class. Bring your yoga mat and  something for your dog to relax upon.  One dog per person, please. Pre-Registration is required through TCCTB. E-mail: or call the office at (512) 721-8496.

Saturdays - 10:00am - 11:00am
The Canine Center for Training and Behavior
For admission contact via their Website:
or call (512) 721-8496